Project Comforter Haiti

    Several years ago, my friend went to visit an orphanage in Haiti called Hands Across the Sea. (

    I was greatly inspired by the story of of the newest in the orphanage at the time.  Sandra was a newborn baby that was found dying in the streets of Haiti. Fortunately she was rescued by Hands Across the Sea and now has a hope and a future. Seeing her wrapped in a little white blanket (first picture)  I felt like I wanted her to be wrapped in something full of color,  that would remind her and others of  how precious, wanted and loved she was.

    I heard a quote once that said "Art is a gift from God, and an artist is the giver of that gift." So...I felt like God wanted me to give my gift.

    I created a boy's and a girl's design that featured bright colors, words of encouragement and scripture (translated into Haitian Creole) to inspire these precious boys and girls to bloom, and to remind them that they are loved and not forgotten. She is the same baby in the middle picture.

    Kids from our church helped fundraise to pay for the fabric, and my kids helped finish the edges of the blankets. (we used no sewing required!) The little boy wrapped in his blanket, is holding a photograph of a boy from Calgary, who sponsored his blanket and wrote him a note.

    God used a picture and the story of a little Haitian baby to remind me that He gave me my artistic gift to use as a blessing to others. I love it when He leads me into opportunities where I can use it. So...stay tuned for "Project Comforter Mexico!"

    See Girls Haitian design here:

    See Girls English design here:

    See Boys Haitian design here:

    See Boys English design here:


    At home in my heart

    I wanted to feature some fabric that that some of my previous drawing students helped to design. These kids were in grades 4-7, and part of our project was to draw line drawings of different houses.

    Together, their images created a beautiful design that we combined with Ephesians 3:17..."Then Christ will make his home in your hearts as you trust in him. Your roots will grow down into God's love and keep you strong." Our idea was to create pillow cases or a blanket to give to the local women's shelter. I love kids to see how God can use their artistic talent so that they can be a blessing to others.

    This fabric,  along with coordinating designs, is available at (click the link below) The design is called "At home in my heart" by twobloom.

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